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how the hell do i price this?

How the hell do I write this?
The ultimate Template bundle

This sounds awesome...
but what's in the FULL bundle?

10+ templates for every email you need to write including: 

* requesting a higher rate without sounding "rude," but like seriously...

* asking "where the F is my money?" Politely of course

* telling a brand that product is cool but you can't pay bills with that

* sliding into a brand's inbox for the first time

* asking a brand for a long-term relationship

* requesting payment when a brand uses your image without permission

* saying hell-to-the no to crazy usage/exclusivity

* scoring a free hotel stay without getting banned from all properties

* and so much more!

Brittany has been called the Influencer Whisperer and the Fairy Godmother of Influencer Marketing.

She's the author of INFLUENCER: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media, which she wrote while building the influencer team at Hearst Magazines and booking influencers for Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Women’s Health, Redbook, and more (2018).

Before that it was Travel Channel, Food Network, Lifetime, and Spike TV (2015). And before that she was an influencer for The Gap, Svedka, Popchip, Vaseline, and Nivea where she was the North America Ambassador and got to hang out with Rihanna on a cruise ship in Germany. (2007).

She's been in this business for a long time and Influencers are her people.

Meet Brittany Hennessy






Mini bundle includes six templates only: cold pitch, follow up, no response, brand used your image without permission, podcast guest appearance, payment status update

Includes all pitches in the mini bundle, plus all negotiation, hotel, and media, templates. The full bundle also includes lifetime updates for new scenarios by audience request.

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How the hell do I write this?

FYI... IBP members always get discounted pricing on the full bundle!