And in 2024, you don't need editorial level photos, 100,000 followers, or tons of free time to become a successful influencer. 

You just need a passion, a voice, and a desire to build and serve your community. And you're here so you're already ahead of the game.

Stop thinking about what you haven't done yet and start thinking about what you're going to do today so that you can have a better tomorrow.

Welcome to the future...

The little voice inside your head is correct... you should be making more money.

I have good news...

Welcome to the influencer business plan course

"The course to end all courses." - @lindsaysilb

These are all great questions.

But let me be honest.

To make real money as an influencer you need a way of thinking.

A way of putting it all together. A framework. 

You need to orient yourself around the big picture. Around what matters most.

Figure out my niche, expertise, and target demographic?

Make money from linking the products in my content?

Find the right person to pitch at a brand and negotiate my rate? 

Create products or services like coaching, courses, memberships, and retreats?

Land an agent, manager, publicist?

Manage my time as an influencer when I have SO MUCH other stuff going on?

Make enough money so that I have options?

You might be asking yourself how do I?

Revenue from audience members who
want to take it to the next level.


Revenue from sponsored content with brands that align with your values.


Revenue from people who find your content and act on your recommendation.


How to make
the ABCs of Influencer Money

How to make the
ABCs of Influencer Money

Brittany made me realize that I had to get off Instagram, scrolling and waiting for brands to work with me if I wanted to make real money, and she was right.
You hear so many people talk about Instagram being where the money resides. If you don't have a large following or high conversion, brands are less likely to work with you or even respond to your emails.
Even if you do have a large following with all of the changes on social platforms, turning the focus on media I own has finally allowed me to start hitting my quarterly goals.
In less than three months, I have:
- booked four paid campaigns and spoke during Black Maternal Health Week
- more than doubled my blog traffic by leveraging my SEO more strategically
- increased my conversion rate for my email list and grow it by 20%
- develop products that will be launching in Q4 2021 and more.
I enjoyed the weekly chats with Brittany and other creatives who what to turn their purpose into a successful brand.
Finally, a blueprint that will help you get clear about your value and how to present it to your audience and execute.
If you are on the fence, hop over and do it! IBP is where you build your true power as an influencer and brand!


IBP is where you build your true power as an influencer and brand!

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Students are RAVING about my signature course...

The Influencer Business Plan was so amazing for me and came just at the perfect time.

I stripped my blog, IG, and store back down to the basics and started “over” with the IBP. It was super refreshing to let go of a lot of the things I thought I had to do to chase engagement/reach that didn’t really produce results. Instead I focused on making money.  

Three different brands reached out to me and let me know I was the top producing influencer for their Black Friday weekend sales. One is a HUGE major brand. Not only is the commission check going to be HUGE but they booked me for some blog posts and TikTok (which I’m barely even on) for them to use!!! So I don’t even have to worry about reach—just creating. I got that loving feeling again for creating content for brands which I expressed to you I hated doing recently. And, just FYI, very little of those sales conversions came from social— it was all the blog. My traffic has quadrupled since IBP. 

BUT, the big news is I took your advice and started posting more blog content with items from my store. Every time I do I sellout of a product. The past three weeks have been crazy with shipping and stuff but it has been so much fun. Next month I have a dreamy weekend away (with no kids or husband) and I plan on re taking the IBP all over again. I’m sure there is something I missed.  

Thank you! IBP is honestly the only course out there worth paying for. Everything else I’ve tried has been a joke.


IBP is honestly the only course out there worth paying for.  Everything else I’ve tried has been a joke.

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I have purchased so many courses from countless influencers claiming to show you how to grow your following, pitch brands, increase your visibility, get you press, yada yada yada.

Brittany Hennessy's programs have been the ONLY programs to actually give me results. Don't waste your time and coins on anyone else. Yes, I said what I said.

She knows what she's talking about! She's actually hired influencers like you and me before and knows what brands are looking for! 

But you have to be able and willing to put the work in. This isn't a magic lamp - you can't just rub it and expect for your wishes to be granted. BUT it is a roadmap. Follow the directions and you’ll find yourself at the exact destination you wanted to be.

In less than 10 months I had:
- created my blog
- more than tripled my following on IG (to over 10K followers)
- booked 2 paid campaigns (one of which pays 4-figures) and am - - close to booking my 3rd
- solidified press with a digital and print outlet

I started exactly where you are, with no idea how to make this happen, and a glimmer of hope of where and what my life could be if I did.

Do it. Leap. You won't regret it.


Brittany Hennessy's programs have been the ONLY programs to actually give me results.

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“Before taking this course, I was ready to give up on How To Five Two.

After years of creating content and trying to learn how to expand my reach through online courses and consultations with social media experts, I was beyond frustrated. Brittany’s Influencer Business Plan course was the road map I so desperately needed.

With her guidance, I have built a solid foundation for How To Five Two piece by piece. For the first time, I don’t feel overwhelmed because I have a clear vision and a strategic plan to maximize my time and efforts.

Brittany will have you questioning the norms within the influencer world and substituting them with practical, results-driven procedures. 10/10 would recommend!”


Brittany’s Influencer Business Plan course was the road map I so desperately needed.

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The Influencer Business Plan was one of the most valuable experiences I've had on this influencer journey.

The tools I received were not only to help me set my platforms up for success but I also learned how to better serve my audience and give them what they want (and deserve).

A lot of us are out here trying to be Instagram famous but neglecting our evergreen platforms (YouTube, blogs, podcasts) or trying to get paid by brands but don't know how to make money on our own.

This course opened my eyes to ways of making money and connecting with my audience that I never really considered or didn't think were relevant.

And I can't forget the weekly chats! I think the most invaluable aspect of this course was the weekly slack chat. We not only had the opportunity to ask Brittany questions about the lessons but we were able to ask questions about anything we wanted (literally ANYTHING and she would answer). This just showed us that Brittany wasn't just invested in us understanding her coursework but she was also concerned about what was actually going on in our "content creator influencer" lives.

We also had an opportunity to network, vent and brainstorm with other content creators, which just amplified the experience. If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of your time each day you will get so much out of this experience. 10 out of 10 recommend!


This course opened my eyes to ways of making money that I never really considered.

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“Brittany Hennessy is a wealth of knowledge and provides actionable strategies for your blog and brand.

I’ve been blogging for several years and I wish I had these resources in the beginning.

This is an amazing course for any stage of your influencer and blogging journey.


The Influencer Business Plan has lived up to the hype!

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“I really enjoyed this course so much. It forced me to do all the things that I put in the bottom of my to do/update list - like have consistent bios and media kits. And I got to do it with with professional guidance and feedback from Brittany and other great like-minded people on this path to influencing.

Plus, the class helped with other things I didn’t even how to begin to figure out on my own like calculating prices and other stuff that you never thought about but always wondered how other influencers do it- Brit tells you all that good stuff.

One of the best things about this course is the other people you meet who are encouraging, give you feedback and share tips with you. The other thing I appreciate is that all the assignments are spread out so it’s easy to stay on track and complete, while you also manage your job/career/social life.

It’s really something your should invest in if you need to clean up your act and take the next steps with a plan and guidance.”


It’s easy to stay on track and complete, while you also manage your job/career/social life.

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First I read Influencer, and a year later I scheduled a coaching call with Brittany. She was so down to earth and was not hesitant to give away very valuable and tangible advice that I could apply to my life. 

I decided that I definitely wanted to invest in the IBP course because I already really trusted her advice and knowledge about the industry. In 2020 I decided to commit to being a blogger and be intentional with my social media. 

Not only did the IBP course give me the realization that a monetized career online was very possible, it helped really put things into motion. This course is for people ready to stop dreaming, and starting doing!  

The course was divided into clear modules and the pace of the course kept me motivated. I also really enjoyed being a part of a community and having chats led by Brittany with other like-minded individuals. 

She encourages us to ask questions and makes sure we understand everything. I was able to really nail down my mission statement and have a clear vision moving forward with my brand. 


This course is for people ready to stop dreaming, and starting doing!

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Let's break down the course shall we? We shall...

Determine your mission as an influencer, tone of voice, and target demographic down to the smallest details.

Brand Identity

Module One


Identify the skills and credentials that make you an expert in your niche. Write killer social summaries, bios, and partnership pages. Compose an impressive portfolio even if you've never done a campaign before.


Module Two


Create social media channels that provide value. Generate shareable content that will bring audiences to you. Decide if a paid ad strategy is the right way to grow your audience.

Social Audience

Module Three


Choose a theme/template that has a great UX. Create a content strategy for your blog. Design a newsletter your audience will gladly open.

Content Strategy

Module Four


Learn the best strategies for Search Engine Optimization. Start using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Discover how Google trends can drive your content calendar.


Module FIVE


Optimize your social channels & blog for a user shopping experience. Generate revenue through affiliate links. Learn the best strategies for gaining acceptance to an ad platform like Mediavine.


Module SIX


Design an effective media kit for brands, press, and event bookers. Pitch podcasts hosts and members of the media. Land speaking gigs at conferences and industry events. Barter with hotels and lifestyle brands to cultivate your image.

Media Kits & PR

Module SEVEN


Create pitch letters to land campaigns with your favorite brands. Learn EXACTLY how much to charge and what packages to offer. Negotiate with confidence and redline contracts like a pro.

Pitching & Fees

Module EIGHT


Find a manager, agent, and other team members. Register your LLC and run your brand like a business. Create and promote products and services that have YOUR name on them.


Module NINE


3-month complimentary membership to #theIBP (my online social club)

Pricing Guide - Basic

Pitching Templates - Basic

Nine (9) modules

Self-guided course for creators who want to fit the modules in when they can.


Influencer Business Plan + Review

Seven (7) live 30-minute chats

3-month complimentary membership to #theIBP (my online social club)

Pricing Guide - Basic & VIP

Pitching Templates - Basic & VIP

Nine (9) modules

Guided course for creators who want to chat through the modules and receive feedback.




3-month complimentary membership to #theIBP (my online social club)

Pricing Guide - Basic & VIP

Pitching Templates - Basic & VIP

Nine (9) modules

One (1) 30-minute call

Influencer Business Plan + Review

Seven (7) live 30-minute chats

Guided course for creators who want it all: the course, the chats, and the coaching.

Three (3) payments of $333

One (1) payment of $999

three (3) Payments of $250

One (1) payment of $749

Two (2) payments of $225

One (1) payment of $449



I had been posting on Instagram for years and lost my direction until I took Brittany's course and took charge of my purpose and became more strategic about the time I spent creating and posting.

The Influencer Business Plan truly took my work from being a hobby to a full fledged income hitting my financial goals and established purpose that Brittany helped me outline and carve out utilizing her course.

It is intense and will have you assessing what you are doing in the best way possible along with providing tools to expand the capacity of what you are achieving.

 Highly recommend the course for anyone looking to level up from a hobbies level to a career.


Brittany gives the aspiring influencer, blogger, or other online personality the real life action steps needed to succeed.

She provides a path that anyone can follow – even a 50-something ‘non-digital native’ like me!

The team Slack chats were so much fun; I loved the opportunity to learn not only from Brittany, but from my fellow students as well.

Brittany does a great job of bringing everyone into the conversation and yet giving very personalized advice.

I’ve been able to take the principles that Brittany teaches and apply them to my own work, with measurable success.

I highly recommend Brittany’s course for anyone who wants to take their brand to the next level.

Words From Course Grads

Most of you know me as the author of INFLUENCER: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media.

But I've also led the influencer teams at Collective Voice, Hearst Magazines, and Horizon Media where I worked with the top brands and influencers in fashion, beauty, home, travel, fitness, television, film, and more.

In my early days, I was the founder & editor of an award-nominated NYC nightlife blog and participated in campaigns for The Gap, Svedka, Popchips, Vaseline, and Nivea where I was the North America Ambassador and got to hang out with Rihanna on a cruise ship in Germany.

I've been in this business for a long time and Influencers are my people.

Hi friends, I'm Brittany Hennessy —

the Influencer Whisperer and the Fairy Godmother of Influencer Marketing




"Grammers who need help on monetizing and understanding the business side of the platform would be well-served by reading "Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age of Social Media." - Forbes


I especially loved the online chats. It was awesome to be able to exchange thoughts and ideas with others in the class, all in different stages of their journey. Everyone was supportive and eager to help each other, with Brittany leading the way. 


I have been raving and recommending this course to anyone who will listen. I can’t believe it’s about to be over. It went much faster than I expected. Brittany did not disappoint, this was a great investment.

IBP January '20

I think I can easily say everyone learnt so much by the constant comments from my classmates. The energy of everyone involved was infectious, so supportive and refreshing! 

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If you do not feel the course has met your expectations, for any reason, we’ll refund the money you’ve paid, provided you’ve completed all assignments from the first 14 days.

Assignments from the first 14 days include joining the course channel, all of the reading lessons, video lessons, and worksheets. Completion is verified with Mighty Networks.

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