But you’re in luck. You don’t have to do it alone.

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No more wondering:

  • What should I say when pitching a brand?

  • How do I respond to this email from a brand?

  • Am I charging enough for sponsored content?

  • How much do I charge to speak at a conference or attend an event?

  • Should I make changes to this contract?

  • How do I write a book proposal?

  • Where do I find an agent/book publisher?

  • Is my book contract fair?

Being a successful content creator can be difficult.

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sell your content straight to brands (UGC) and make money when they purchase your amazing photos and videos

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If you're a creator in 2023 your opportunities are endless.
You can:

If you're a creator in 2023 your opportunities are endless. You can:

Yes, there are more creators than ever before.

And yes, the market is oversaturated, but that's a good thing.

and so much more. My guides will help you get there.

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Most of you know me as the author of INFLUENCER: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media.

But I've also led the influencer teams at Collective Voice, Hearst Magazines, and Horizon Media where I worked with the top brands and influencers in fashion, beauty, home, travel, fitness, television, film, and more.

In my early days, I was the founder & editor of an award-nominated NYC nightlife blog and participated in campaigns for The Gap, Svedka, Popchips, Vaseline, and Nivea where I was the North America Ambassador and got to hang out with Rihanna on a cruise ship in Germany.

I've been in this business for a long time and Influencers are my people.

Hi friends, I'm Brittany Hennessy —

the Influencer Whisperer and the Fairy Godmother of Influencer Marketing




"Grammers who need help on monetizing and understanding the business side of the platform would be well-served by reading "Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age of Social Media." - Forbes

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